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Preparing for An Interview...

Boost your interview confidence and reduce stress!
Dramatically improve your interview performance!
Be much more likely to get the offer!!
  • Preparation for a Medical Interview is Essential!

    Research the medical company to understand the background and culture!
    Visit the website and conduct market research on the product/s

    Prepare for key aspects of the position:

    • Products profile – "yours" and the competitor's
    • Key responsibilities of your position
    • Geographic territories you will cover

    Find out who you will be meeting for the Interview and their position/s within the company

  • Dress for Success!
    Choose what to wear - First Impressions count!
    Dress Professionally - this is a reflection of how you see yourself and shows the value you place on the Interview meeting

  • Map out your Route!

  • Arrive at the Interview a healthy few minutes EARLY!

  • Greet your Interviewer with a Smile and firm handshake!
    Make and maintain eye contact throughout the Interview

  • The Actual Interview

    Preparing for a "Behavioural Interview", this can also be called "Scenario Selling Situations"
    Familiarise yourself with the STAR technique:
    STAR stands for Situation or Task, Action and Result

    *Choose an incident or experience from your work history, put into that structure and this will tell so
    much about you – in the story you choose to tell, how you tell it, with what kind of attitude and the
    results you are capable of producing under pressure ...


    "Describe your work style?"
    "Do you prefer working in a team or alone?"
    "Give me an example of a time that you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty at work"
    "Have you ever been part of a team where someone was not pulling their own weight? How did you handle it?"
    "How do you deal with difficult customers?"
    "How do you evaluate success?"

  • Listen carefully to the questions
    Take time to provide comprehensive answers
    Ask for clarity on any questions if uncertain of the meaning thereof

  • Be confident and assertive in your approach – discuss your achievements to date and how you could
    add value to the position and the company (with diplomacy)

  • Feel comfortable to ask about the company: its vision and culture, the key performing products and
    positioning in the market place

  • Growth prospects: Feel comfortable to enquire about possibilities of growth opportunities within the
    company, obviously based on your proven track record and performance!

  • Salary Proposal
    Focus on the FIT of the position and corporate culture of the company for you during the first Interview!
    Salary discussions will usually happen at a further meeting ...
  • Thank You’s
    Once the interview is completed, thank the interviewer/s for the opportunity and time to have met
    Enquire as to the process moving forward and when they hope to finalise the appointment
  • Glasshouse Recruiting will provide feedback from the client as soon as possible, after your interview

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